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Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Set: Power & Precision | Ultimate Lightweight, Durable

Dominate the Court with Advanced Carbon Fiber Tech, Honeycomb Core & All-Level Play

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Upgrade your game! Carbon fiber pickleball paddle set. Powerful, precise, includes cover & balls.

Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 17.99 × 10.24 × 3.5 cm
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1 Paddle, 1 Indoor Ball, 1 Outdoor Ball, 1 EVA Paddle Cover

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Set: Power & Precision | Ultimate Lightweight, Durable
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  1. Zahra

    Amazing packaging! Lightweight paddle and have a comfortable grip. I am a beginner at pickle ball I am having lots of fun with new paddle and balls.

  2. Anum B

    High quality

  3. Megan

    Love this
    So excited this came so fast! Quality is on point as is the price. Exactly what you would expect.

  4. Perry Christenberry

    Carbon fiber paddle with beautiful coloring
    The colors on this paddle caught my eye right off the bat. It’s carbon fiber and should work nicely for my beginning skill level. It comes with a thickly padded case that should prove extremely effective at keeping the racket from being scratched up while in storage or while hauling around. The padding in the box is ships in is serious. This paddle has a shorter handle than most I have held and I like the shorter handle. – Sadly I am dropping my original review by 1 star because the 3rd time I opened the case, the zipper came off and is not going back on. I have duct taped the case so I still have a way to cover the paddle but it’s nowhere near as nice.

  5. J9

    Loving This More Than I Thought!
    Great paddle, great case! I didn’t think I would love pickleball as much as I would. The equipment is top notch. There are lots of sets out there, and this one really delivers. Do your homework, I highly recommend!

  6. Alexis H

    Good for beginners
    Love the design on the paddle & it’s comfortable in the hand. Feels lightweight. Came with a cover for the paddle & 2 balls.

  7. Jimmy Billy

    Not USAPA Approved but still a good paddle
    I originally looked at this paddle because of the name, which is the same as my dog, unfortunately at the time of this review the paddle is not listed on the USAPA approved paddle listing, so while this is a decent paddle you may not be able to play with it in a sanctioned tournament. not that I am anywhere tournament ready, but it may be a concern for some. The paddle swings well, has a good weight and the handle is comfortable, It is a little smaller than some of the other paddles I have tried. The packaging is top notch and it comes with a very nice paddle cover. Hitting the ball is easy and the control is there. Would have liked it to be USAPA approved, just incase I wanted to try a tournament sometime in the future.

  8. AZ123

    Nice paddle, great design, good balance
    This Nova Sportsgear pickleball paddle is a nice product. It’s well-packaged in a format that should prevent shipping damage, always a plus. It also has a nice presentation when opening it, showing the paddle/cover and two pickleballs. The fun really begins when you take off the cover and see the fun, bright colors of the paddle face; very cheerful and a cool design, somewhat reminiscent of psychedelia.
    The cover seems pretty good, typical of the kind of covers you expect to get with a paddle. (It surprises me that some paddles still don’t come with covers.) The zipper works fine, and the cover should offer a modicum of protection to the paddle in routine use.
    The paddle itself is very good, in my opinion. I like the balance and its surface responsiveness in play, and I quickly forget about the paddle when I’m playing–a good sign, meaning I’m thinking about (and probably getting frustrated with) my play rather than the equipment I’m using.
    The balls included with the set are okay, but in my view, nothing special. They work fine, but don’t seem to have quite the liveliness of others I’ve used. I’ll still use these, but I’m just saying I wouldn’t buy the set just to get the pickleball balls.
    Overall, I’m happy with this Nova Sportsgear pickleball set. I like the paddle a lot, and its colors are cheerful without getting too weird. The included cover is good to above average, and the balls are…included, but just average, as I see it. In all, this would be a great gift (even to yourself) and should meet the needs of most players.

  9. WeBuyEverythingOnAmazon

    Superb Paddle with Pro Features
    Amazingly well-made paddle with all the right features. Despite being a medium thickness paddle (on the thinner side, really) it plays like one built for control and spin also. The carbon fiber creates the texture and it’s in the top layer of the paddle face, and not a spray-on grit. That makes it more uniform (I have a close-up pic of it) and also more durable to last tens of thousands of hits and many dozens of erasures.
    Also the core is just right – for the feel of control a thicker paddle would provide – every hit can be felt and sweet spot is big, right out to the very end of what is a long paddle. This tells me the poly core is made well: firm enough to deliver speed and power from a light paddle but ductile enough to absorb and then rebound to provide the feel and consistency.
    And the paddle is light, very light, so I get all the speed I want from it, especially given my very social games where we don’t power the ball past each other – more finesse games. But I can take this paddle to any type game. It’s that versatile. Grip is great – finally one that’s not so big around, making it easy to hold. The tape is not thick but it’s worth a couple minutes re-taping if you want it bigger or thicker – what it comes with is just my preference.
    This paddle gives enough control and predictability to put in the hands of a beginner, and they’ll learn the game without the frustration of a lesser paddle. And it’s boxed nicely for gifting if you want to get somebody started, and give them a paddle they’ll use for a long, long time.
    I compare this to much higher end paddles and it comes up looking good. Great value is here without breaking the bank, and I recommend it for intermediate players as well. I really love it. And I definitely, highly recommend it.

  10. K. MURPHY

    A great way to get into shape in 2024!
    I am trying to get into shape and learned pickleball is a great way to do it. I love the paddle design, that it is lightweight, and that it comes with two balls so I can practice by myself before playing with my friends.
    A great set for a beginner that will grow with me as my skill grows!

  11. Becki

    Well made
    I have a couple sets and this one is my favorite. Extremely well made. Comes with two replacent balls and a cover for your racket. The handle has a nice feel. Well made steel. Yet light weight.

  12. Sherina J.

    Great paddle
    This paddle is light weight with an excellent grip. It’s great for indoor and outdoor and it also comes with two balls one is for indoor and another outdoor. The fact that the paddle is light makes it easy to control when hitting the ball. I think it’s a great buy for a novice player like me

  13. seeker54

    Cardio Fun!! Pickleball!!
    Lightweight, colorful design, good grip and 2 balls, one for outdoors, other for indoor gym use, plus a pickleball paddle cover!! Suitable for any level, beginner to professional. Makes a great gift for the pickleball player!! Great bargain with so many features!!

  14. Scott Harris

    Great grip and lightweight
    The color combination on this paddle caught my eye. It arrived nicely packaged. This paddle is lightweight but has all the needed design for competitive play. The grip is comfortable for extended playing time. I am a beginner but this set will accommodate me as my skill level grows. I like that it came with balls and a cover.

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💥 Unleash Your Pickleball Potential: The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Set 💥

Ready to elevate your pickleball game with a paddle set that matches your ambition? The Nova SportsGear Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Set delivers the power, precision, and durability that serious players demand.

💪 Experience the Carbon Fiber Advantage 💪

  • Powerhouse Performance: Lightweight carbon fiber gives every hit strength, without sacrificing control.
  • Pinpoint Precision: Honeycomb core offers a responsive sweet spot, so you can place your shots with confidence.
  • Play Longer, Stronger: Sweat-wicking grip and balanced design mean less fatigue, more focus on the win.
  • Built to Last: Durable construction withstands intense play, court after court.

🚀 Game-Changing Features 🚀

  • Protective Edge Guard: Maximizes paddle life and helps maintain playability.
  • Beginner to Pro: Designed to help players at all levels improve their skills.
  • The Complete Package: Comes with a protective cover and versatile indoor/outdoor balls.
  • Gift with a Dink: Perfect for the pickleball enthusiast in your life.

Why Choose Nova SportsGear?

We craft pickleball gear for players who want the best. This carbon fiber paddle set is built with pro-level tech, yet accessible for all players.

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Order your Nova SportsGear Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Set today and unleash your pickleball power!

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